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Emergency Dentistry at St. Leonards Square Dental Care

Woman touching painful jawDental emergencies can occur at any time and place. Which is why, St. Leonards Square Dental Care prioritise these emergency appointments and want to get you out of pain or discomfort as soon as possible.

Same-Day Emergency Appointments

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact us right away so we can schedule you into our day. We offer same-day emergency appointments as much as possible, so give us a call so we can see you as quickly as possible. Our dentist will assess your concern and prescribe pain relief so we can get you comfortable again while we treat the concern.

What You Should do During a Dental Emergency

Below are some types of dental emergencies that can occur as well as some tips and advice on what to do while you wait to see us.

Lost or Chipped Tooth – If you have a missing or chipped tooth from a sporting injury or accident, call us right away and we will arrange to see you as soon as possible. We advise you to gently place the tooth in a small plastic zip bag or safely wrapped in cling wrap. ?Ensure you do not touch the root of the tooth, instead, hold the tooth from the bottom or sides. Depending on the damage to the chipped tooth, we might be able to fix this straight away using a bonding filling agent.

Cracked Tooth – If you can see a fine line crack on the surface of your tooth, this may be caused from grinding your teeth at night or eating a hard piece of food which has caused the crack. It’s important that we assess the tooth straight away to prevent the crack from worsening and turning into a broken or chipped tooth. ??To treat a cracked tooth, we may treat the area with a dental crown, root canal or even some bonding. The treatment depends on the state of the crack and how severe the damage is. In some cases, our dentists may be able to fix this on the spot.

Root Canal – A root canal may be required due to an infection or abscess in the tooth which you may or may not be aware of. Sometimes signs of a needing a root canal come from severe pain under the tooth area. ??The purpose of a root canal treatment saves the tooth from needing an extraction. Depending on how severe the situation is, we may advise an extraction however we aim to keep all teeth and revive them where possible. We’ll remove the infection and seal the off the section so no further bacteria can infect the area.

Wisdom Tooth Pain – If you’re experiencing severe wisdom tooth pain, we will ask you to come in so we can assess the area. During your visit, we will need to take X-rays so we can see the position of your teeth and the wisdom tooth that is erupting. If the wisdom tooth does not have any room to grow into, we may need to extract them depending on the circumstance.

If you’re experiencing a tooth ache it can feel like a throbbing, full ache. If it’s just a minor-mild pain, contact us so we can schedule in a regular checkup appointment. We will then assess your teeth and gums and take X-rays if required. You may wish to have over-the-counter pain relief while you wait to see us.

If the toothache is very painful and feels sharp or more severe, call us right away as it could be serious. We will schedule you in as soon as possible. We recommended you may wish to take pain relief according to the instructions. Please ensure you let us know what you have taken when you arrive as this will be vital to how we treat you. Our goal is to have you feeling comfortable again as quickly as possible.

It’s important you give us a call if you’re experiencing severe pain and bleeding gums. This may be a sign of gum disease and will require our dentist to do an examination. Call us right away so we can book you in. ??Gum disease can be a cause of plaque buildup on the teeth which causes inflammation on the gums. You may experience bleeding during brushing or flossing. If this is the case, your technique may need to improve. Our gentle dentist will demonstrate proper techniques during your visit with us.


If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call right away. We look forward to helping you as quickly as possible.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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