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Teeth Whitening at
St. Leonards Square Dental Care

St. Leonards Square Dental Care have an array of cosmetic dentistry services to improve and restore your smile. Our team are highly trained in cosmetic dentistry techniques and have an eye for aesthetics. If you’re wanting to improve the look of your smile, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with our dentist!

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to improve the look of your smile. If you feel unhappy about your teeth due to staining discolouration, you may be a candidate for our professional-grade teeth whitening.

*Terms & Conditions »

  • Not everyone is a good candidate for whitening.
  • We recommend a checkup and clean prior to whitening for optimum results.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or redeemed for cash.

Zoom! In-Chair Whitening

At St. Leonards Square Dental Care, we’re proud to offer patients the best when it comes to advanced whitening options. To help patients achieve their bright smile goals, we use the Zoom! In-chair whitening system, designed to whiten a smile several shades in just one visit to the practice.

This whitening system offers results in just 90 minutes, with results lasting anywhere from one to three years depending on if a patient follows proper oral health protocols. Professionally applied by your friendly local dentist.

Interested in giving the Zoom system a try? Here’s more about what you can expect.

Benefits of Zoom Whitening

This advanced whitening system is safe and effective when it comes to brightening your smile. Patients love that it uses LED technology, which involves simply applying a whitening gel and a blue light to activate it. While a patient sits back and relaxes, their teeth whiten. It’s that simple.

After your treatment, we recommend that you don’t consume any dark color foods or drinks for 48 hours. This is because teeth whitening makes the pores of your teeth open, which allows the whitening agent to get deep into your teeth. When your teeth are porous, they’re more susceptible to dark stains, too.

After 48 hours, a patient can return to their normal diet.

Take-Home Whitening

We also offer take-home options so you can brighten your teeth at your convenience. Zoom! and Opalescence™ home whitening products are professional-grade bleaching gels you use daily for two weeks or more to achieve your desired shade. We’ll create custom trays and provide you with the gel and instructions on how to get the best results. Your teeth will lighten gradually, provided you don’t smoke or eat or drink staining foods and beverages until after the process is complete.

Learn More Today

Find out if you’re a candidate for Zoom whitening by giving our practice a call to learn more or book a visit with us. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my teeth feel really sensitive after?

It is common to have some tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening treatment. It typically goes away after a few days and should only be mild. It is recommended to use a gentle, sensitive toothpaste to help with the sensitivity.

Does it hurt to have my teeth whitened?

Most patients don’t feel a thing it isn’t considered an invasive surgery. If you decide to have in-chair whitening, the appointment will take about 90 minutes. You will lay comfortably in the dental chair whilst waiting for the whitening solution to take effect.

What food should I avoid after whitening?

We recommend you stay clear from colour rich foods or drinks. These include but are not limited to:

  • Tea or coffee
  • Red wine
  • Cola or other soft drinks
  • Acidic beverages
  • Soy sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Berries
  • Curry

Smoking is a huge contributor to staining and damaging your teeth. If you’re thinking about quitting, we are happy to provide you with some helpful resources.

How long do results last?

While results can last a number of years they aren’t permanent, and the duration will depend on your diet and oral health habits. However, you will get best long-lasing results if you take care of your teeth and avoid the above colour-rich food and drinks. 

How do I know if my teeth are suitable for whitening?

We ask that you book in a consultation with our friendly dentist. We will be able to assess your teeth and gums and determine if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening.

If you require any general or restorative work, we can plan this prior to teeth whitening treatment.


Book your consultation today for a whiter, brighter smile. We have payment plans available and flexible appointment times.


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In-Chair and Take-Home Kits

At St. Leonards Square Dental Care, we offer the convenience of two types of whitening services. You can have your smile whitened in just a single visit, which takes about 2 hours from start to finish. Or, you can whiten your teeth at home using our custom take-home kits.
[tab title=”Single Visit Whitening”]
If you’re a candidate for teeth whitening, you can come in for just a single appointment to have your smile whitened. We use Philips ZOOM, which is highly rated around the world as one of the world-leading teeth whitening formulas.

First up, we want to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy for teeth whitening treatment. If you require a cleaning or any fillings, we can do this beforehand. It’s important to have your teeth and gums in a healthy condition before undergoing teeth whitening treatment.

If you’re a candidate for whitening, we will apply your teeth with the solution which will take approximately two hours in total for the best result. You also have the option to use a take-home kit as well, this will help you maintain the results at home.

You may feel some slight sensitivity after the whitening treatment which is very normal. We encourage you to use a sensitive tooth paste and avoid colour-rich foods or drinks for the next couple days.[/tab][tab title=”Take-Home Kits”]
If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home in your own time, we offer custom take-home kits. We’ll need you to come in so we can take impressions of your teeth for the custom whitening tray. Soon as it’s ready, you can start whitening your smile at home.

We will also provide you with instructions on how to use the take home kits. We suggest using it for 30 minutes a day for no longer than 2-weeks.[/tab]